Kyocera Revolution Paring and Santoku Knife Set Review

The two piece Kyocera revolution Paring and Santoku knife set includes some of the best knives ever. The 5.5 inch Santoku and the 3 inch Paring knives by Kyocera include a very sharp ceramic blade that is resistant to even the strongest acids, salts, oils and juices meaning that it will never rust. They are further very light in weight hence by easy to balance when being used. In relation to this, the handles are highly comfortable to grip thereby reducing fatigue to the hand especially when one is doing a lot of repetitive cutting.

These two knives are a perfect accessory to every kitchen. The Santoku which adopts the style of a Japanese chef’s knife can for instance be used in carrying out different cutting tasks in the kitchen that range from dicing to paper thin slicing and fine chopping. This is made possible through its unique features that include a very broad blade and thin tip. On the other hand, the much smaller Paring knife is best used for shaping vegetables and fruits, peeling and cutting.



The main benefits of owning this set of knives is that unlike the stainless steel knives, the ceramic ones never rust or even adapt a different state after being used for a while. Their handles are also very comfortable to grip and control while in use thereby making them very easy to use. Both the Santoku and the Paring knife blades by Kyocera are as sharp as a razor and what makes them really perfect is that they have the capability of maintaining the same levels of sharpness 10 times more than the ordinary stainless steel knife. More importantly is the fact that the knife set has a 5 year warranty against any workmanship or material defects.

Some of the key maintenance regime of the Kyocera revolution Paring and Santoku knife set includes washing them by hand and using them on either plastic or wooden cutting board.  Being made of ceramic blade, the knives have to be  strictly sharpened using diamond wheels. Therefore, a Kyocera electric ceramic knife sharpener should be used. Alternatively, one may choose to mail the knife back to Kyocera for free sharpening. The reason why the diamond wheels and belts are used in sharpening is because they are the only materials that are harder than the Zirconium Oxide which is used in the manufacture of the ceramic blades. One can then get their knife shipped back to them within a period of 7 to 10 days.or wooden cutting boards.

This set of Santoku and Paring knife is currently retailing for less than $100. Upon purchase, the knives are elegantly packaged in a black box. If you have always wanted to increase the efficiency of your kitchen cutting tools, then, these two are the perfect solutions for your problems for even Ming Tsai, an Emmy winning Chef attests to having been highly impressed by their performance.

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